New Ex-Con C40 Out Now

“Parlant amb el costat esquerre” (Talking with the Left Side) was recorded in Maryland in January 2012.

Basically, what I did, was sync up three synthesizers and record them live onto a cassette tape. This release represents the early Ex-Con sound in a way less minimalistic and more “raw” in terms of additive synthesis.

The cassette was professionally duplicated. It comes in high-quality on-shell printing. The cover was also printed professionally on glossy paper stock. You can get it now for $5 + postage from in the US. I do not have any copies of it so please get in touch with the label.

Also included in this batch are two great releases from SYNB (Matt Brinkman) and Mirror Talk from Berlin. Extremely recommended material.

“Parlant amb el costat esquerre” Tracklist:
Side A

1-Caixes de nivell
2-Unitats congelades
3-Nuclis de l’inconscient

Side B



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