Veiled / Ex-Con Reviews

A very nice article from the Blastitude blog, about the Silvox label, with reviews of all the tapes, including the Veiled “Museu Secret” and the Ex-Con “Parlant amb el costat esquerre” tapes:

VEILED Museu Secret C24.

Now here’s a tape that sounds more like what I expected, again featuring Robert Francisco, this time playing in a duo with Barcelona, Spain musician Arnau Sala, who until recently ran the Ozonokids label and performs solo as Ex-Con (see review below). There’s a nice atmospheric photo of the duo in front of a wall-hung crucifix on the inside of the J-card, and an eerie forlorn religious statue on the cover. The Silvox description calls this tape “leather noise,” and that’s accurate, but there are no vocals, so it never really falls into the power electronics genre trap, instead riding a changing but constantly tensing electronic noise/synth pulse throughout four more-or-less equal-in-length tracks. It’s loud but its also very subdued, and there is eventually even a strange languor in the way the tracks stay reined it. This works well with the “secret museum” concept, as the listener is allowed to step back and simply observe, evaluate, ponder. It also makes me realize how much I prefer drony synths in a noise/power electronics context to drony synths in a cosmic/new age context. (This just in: there’s a new Veiled flexi-disc single available from the Glass Coffin label.)

EX-CON Parlant Amb El Costat Esquerre C40.

Okay, back to Silvox’s bread and butter: “Delicately controlled, raw electronics. Industrial, rhythmic.” This is a solo tape by Arnau Sala, the Spanish half of the Veiled duo, and again the label blurb I just quoted describes the music herein succinctly and accurately. There’s been a lot of talk the past year or so about how “techno is the new noise,” and how former noise artists are turning into techno artists. Some are being accused of trendhopping, not good enough to make real techno. Meanwhile, Ex-Con is sitting comfortably somewhere in between noise and techno without worrying about being either, just making music, and excellent tapes like this one. I like what Sala is doing and I think this and the Veiled tape are the pick of the label so far.


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