Primera Norma

Out Now. “Primera Norma” C30 (Hospital Productions)
All these tracks were recorded in June 2013 in Barcelona.

“Industrial analog rhythms hailing from barcelona. like a hog dropped upon chrome hooks slowly carried by aluminum pulley through the double insulated doors of the slaughterhouse freezer and kept there for a while suspended in ice. digital version coming soon.”
–Hospital Productions

“The four tracks on “Primera Norma” were recorded purely on hardware and explore primitive analog techno that falls in line with some of Hospital Productions’ previous forays into the darkest corners of the dancefloor, somewhere between the rigid post-industrial Techno of Shapednoise and some of Fernow’s own releases as Vatican Shadow.”

Here’s a mix with some excerpts.


-Primera Norma
-Cap de turc
-Sinòpsi d’una crisi


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