Mix for Appal – Future Music FM –

I got asked to do a “dark” mix for Appal on Future Music FM. I did what I could using vinyl records exclusively. You can hear and / or download it on the soundcloud link. This is not intended to be background music. It’s better to listen with patience and the proper speakers or headphones.






Maki Ishii – Cho-etsu
Russell Haswell – Convalescence
Surgeon – Send the Dogs
Mika Vainio – Sub-Atlantic
Sounds of Self-Hypnosis through Relaxation
Miguel A. Ruiz – Humedad y enfermedad
Finis Africae – El hechicero
Audiopeste – Neurosis 4
Sympathy Nervous – Cold Weather
Shinichi Atobe – Wasteland 2
Surgeon – Shaper of the Unknown
Chrome – All Data Lost
Traditional Folk Dances of Japan – Memburyu
Shadowlust – Chrysanthemum
Twig Harper – Intuitive American Esoteric III
Luis de Pablo – We (Parte II)
Survival Instinct – Rise Above
Tzusing – Axis of Revision
Mark Cunningham – Pagan Sunday
Archie Shepp – Blasé


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