secret thirteen mix 171


Secret Thirteen Mix 171 – Exoteric Continent


This mix was composed and assembled between the months of July and December of 2015 in different districts of Barcelona, but also in Berlin, Sweden and Belgium, by using and manipulating sound material on magnetic tape, computer and using effects. This material has either been submitted by close friends and artists, taken from Youtube, or scrapped from the bottom of my computer’s hard-drive. Some sounds from family home videos were included. It also includes original music of my own, created during the months while the mix was being put together. The selection is presented with tracks laid out consecutively in no specific order, trying to create a narrative while purposely isolating elements and merging them all together, thus decontextualizing each track.

The list of friends and artists, in no order, includes Dale Cornish, Fire, Piece Of Paper, LXV, Lag Os, Helmer, Benjamin Mahoney, Kara-Lis Coverdale, 51717, N.M.O., die Reihe, Roberto Crippa, M Ax Noi Mach, Gretch Grace, Força Meridiana, Rudeboyz, Daddy Yankee, Gravediggaz, Sound Effects FX and Soundtrack DJ Tools, Unknown Artist, Wikipedia, Exoteric Continent and more…




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