Òrgans is the missing link between Protecció — released by Hospital Productions and recorded 2014) and Continent — released by anòmia and recorded 2015 — . It was recorded between May 2013 and December 2014. During the recording I processed some sounds generated by Rubén Patiño. Benjamin Mahoney helped me doing some final compression to the master. He also let me use his very nice Space Echo. I would like to thank both of them.

This recording sat in my hard drive for two years. I was doubting wether I should even make it public anymore but I finally decided to make it available digitally. I also released a small amount of physical copies — only 30 — on cassette and CDr.

— ÒR


NS —

I will try to articulate…

Essential shapes of matter in a particular point in time.


Patterns transfer information. Organs are connected and allow proper function of the body.

Routes connect two dots in space. A movement, a journey. Knowledge and matter become available. Perception through multiple experiences can vary and transform itself.

The message might not reach its intended destination or it might, but in a different form or shape.


The brain can ignore phenomena that the eye  might catch. Matter still travels, information still moves with no interruption or interference.




Thanks again for your interest.



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