— Participant —


Although “Participant” started as an album, the project was quickly informed and inspired by both ephemeral ideas, and factual events. At first glance, this juxtaposition may appear careless of without correlation, but through acute observation, fundamental links are revealed accordingly.

While the change of the ephinox as a symbol and a historical landmark is unaltered, the effect can be felt in retrograde. As observers, we should perceive this phenomenon as a revelation. Now I wonder; does this realization trigger new perceptions capable of altering our consciousness? Through this unconscious cognitive process of sifting through realizations
(or perhaps illusions). I have experienced what I can only relate closely to
a very heavy exposure to constant consumption of media, video-games, religion, dreams or hallucinatory substances. Of course now I wonder whether this could unfold into a new parallel reality. Of course there is the potential of raising new questions.

Through time and reading reactions, hearing ideas, and embracing those studies dedicated to this subject I have become aware that, yes, there is a global awareness attached to this phenomenon. Many testimonials describe feeling an unrecognised sense of chaos arising due to exposure to otherwise unconnected realities.
These experiences are not only induced by the overwhelming feeling that it is us experiencing them, but that they are indeed happening. These events occur not only in our immediate environment but are broadcasted directly into our consciousness by way of long distance communication. Our direct exposure to multiple forms of information as we consume massive amounts of data seems to push reality to mutate into something completely unrecognizable as a consequence of every outside element.

The musical component of “Participant” is a testimonial through development. “Participant” started as a work-in-progress reaching out to the masses hoping to connect with individuals and groups alike, which have been already dealing with these particular issues. In a time where culture is either galvanized without a moment for digestion or over-conceptualised and limited to an elite few; “Participant,” will generate an utter detachment each aforementioned context.
As humans, we are always involuntary participants in the events around us, often giving the impression of barely taking part in them at all the while, yet completely unable to avoid doing so.
“Participant,” is the follow-up and continuation to “Península” (2015)
which pointed to the idea of “connectedness” and “Residual” (2016),
which reflected on a transition into post-humanism and the impossibility to escape re-structuring realities. “La Perspectiva Racional” (2017) was a search for essential answers, questioning reality itself and our individual relation to it.

“Participant” as a continuation of that is an observation of some of the side effects that perception carries with it immense detachment. This detachment comes with the rise of the individual, the loss of altruism, the final blur of reality — raising the question: “Where do we find ourselves? How ‘real’ is our experience? Was our experience more ‘real’ before we were aware of these changes? Each question is a tiny shattered visit to a different island of perception. An island where awareness of existence is
questioned from ultra-local to macro-cosmic.



Participant was recorded in Barcelona between July 2017 and June 2018 and mastered by Jack Callahan in NYC, 2018.


Bhob Rainey — Saxophone
Nate Davis — Guitar

‘Participant’ is out via Anòmia on CD and digital on January 25th 2019. And as an LP and cassette on Ormolycka (NYC).





For more information on the ongoing project please visit — https://arnausalasaez.com/2018/12/03/melange/